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Thursday, September 11, 2008

85. Good morning! I hope you slept well, because it's going to be a wonderful day. Not because of anything particularly outstanding that's going to happen, but because I'm inviting you to spend the day with Me. Come on up and we'll go through the day together. Should anything happen that would normally make you feel upset or stressed, it won't bother you one bit, because you'll be here beside Me. This is rising above. You'll still be down there in the flesh, of course, but you will be completely above it all in spirit.

86. I want you here with Me because I love you so much, and I miss you terribly when you're gone. You're often so busy with the cares of the day that you only have time to sit and talk with Me a moment here and a moment there. So today I want you here with Me for the entire day. Forget everything that's bothering you or worrying you; let it all slip back down to Earth, to the carnal world where it belongs, and you come be with Me, where you belong.

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