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Friday, September 26, 2008 Encouragement in Battles ...

Have you ever wondered why life has so many battles and why you have to fight them? It’s because that is the purpose of life: to grow, to change, and to move forward! It’s the battles that keep you from becoming a prisoner to lethargy and complacency. It’s when you stop moving and growing that you die spiritually.

Battles are often won at the very last second, through one final decision to not give up or give in regardless of what happens! Just like you have to hold on in a race until the last lap, and then give it all you’ve got as you’re coming down the last stretch, so it is with a battle. When you feel like you can’t hold on for one more second, that’s when you must give it all you’ve got and praise Me with your whole heart as you sock it to the Enemy—and you will win! I guarantee it.

Posted by Jamie :: 4:57 AM :: 4 comments

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