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Monday, January 07, 2008 January Prayer Drive

You can make it, dear one. How can I say that you can make it? Because I know. I created you, and I created the world. I understand the entire Earth and all that is going on in it, and all that is going on in the hearts of every single person, including you. And I have put within your heart and within the hearts of all the children of David, both those present and those yet to come, the power and ability to make it!
That was one of My prime ingredients when I made you‚ to be sure that you had the ability to make it. You make it by hanging on to Me‚ by trusting with all your heart, by not leaning to your own understanding and view of how things look in the natural. I am going to make it, and as long as you keep your arms clasped tightly around My neck, I will help you to make it.
Even in the times when you loosen your grip a bit, I'll still remain faithful and hold on to you, because you are Mine. I not only love you dearly, but I need you, and so I will keep you. I will complete what I've begun with you. I will not let you go. There are great victories ahead for us, My faithful soldier.

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